** Introducing our new VIP program where your free storage period is automatically extended to 14 days at all 24/7 PARCEL locations! Free to enroll for customers whose parcel volume is 100 or more in one calendar year. Please email support@247parcel.com for more information. **
** You will need a mailbox subscription to receive letter mail without a tracking number. There is a $15 letter mail search fee for non-mailbox customer **
Receiving fees (per parcel)
Under 30 lbs $3.50
30 lbs ~ 69 lbs $7
70 lbs ~ 99 lbs $15
More than 100 lbs REFUSED
Tires (up to 50 lbs) $7 each
Please note that the fee is the same whether the parcel is placed in the locker or on the shelf. In addition, there is a $0.50/parcel/day storage fee after 7 days as well as $2.50 mislabeled fee for mislabeled parcels

Please come to pick up your parcel only after you have received the pickup notification from 24/7 PARCEL, not the carriers, because we are not able to search for a particular parcel before it is checked in. Nomrally parcels are checked in on the same day of delivery (during staffed hours), but there are times that we need an extra day to process them all.

Customers must have accounts created and unique customer ID number included in shipping address prior to shipping to any of our locations. Customers must sign up online.

No annual fee

At 24/7 PARCEl, there is no annual fee to pay.

Free email notification

At 24/7 PARCEL, we provide free email notification for package arrival. To receive the email notifications, please address your packages to the desired store location as follows:

Your Name
365 H Street
#Your customer ID
Blaine, WA 98230
Your Name
601 Front Street
#Your customer ID
Lynden, WA 98264

How to pay

You can purchase credit in person with cash (no minimum amount) or online with credit card at 247parcel.com (minimum $10). No other method of online payment will be accepted, including PayPal money transfer. Each time you pick up a parcel, the parcel receiving fee is automatically deducted from your credit balance. Your credit balance must be equal to or higher than the parcel receiving fee. Otherwise, the automated parcel locker will not deliver your parcel. When your credit balance is below a certain threshold, we will send an email notification to remind you to purchase more credit.

If you are picking up during staffed hours, you do not need to purchase credit in advance. You can pay the exact parcel receiving fee in cash at the counter.

Storage fee

The parcels are stored free of charge for a period of seven (7) days (i.e. 168 hours) from the time the parcel is checked in. After the first seven (7) days, a $0.50/day per parcel storage fee will be applied.

Mislabeled fee

There is a $2.50 mislabeled fee for parcels that are mislabeled, e.g. missing customer ID number, incorrect receipient name. Parcels that are mislabeled require extra handling, and as such a mislabeled fee will apply.

Oversize parcel

If your parcel does not fit in the currently available lockers, the parcel will be placed on the shelves, and we will send you an email notification, informing you that you need to pick it up during staffed hours with a photo ID. Please note the seven (7) day grace period of free storage (14 days for Niagara Falls) will start on the time when the parcel is checked in. If you want to pick up the oversize parcel(s) outside our staffed hours, please request the Storage Room (below).

We do not accept any parcels that can't fit through a standard size door or weigh more than 100 lbs. No pallet shipments.

Storage room

If your parcel is placed on the shelf, and you need to pick it up outside our staffed hours, you can request to have your parcel(s) transferred to the storage room, and we will leave the storage room key in a locker for you. The fee for using the storage room is $3 regardless of the number of parcels. You can request to use the storage room via My Account at 247parcel.com.

Parcels left in the locker

If you have multiple parcels in the same locker and choose to leave any one in the locker, please reply to the parcel arrival email with the locker number, and we will check the left-over parcel in as a new parcel the next business day, and you will receive a new pickup code.

Parcels in the same the locker

By default, we always check in the parcels in the same locker for the same customer to minimize the number of pickup codes. If you would like us to separate them in different locker, please reply to the parcel arrival email *prior* to your pickup, so we can relocate the parcel in separate lockers.

Refuse or return parcel

If you want us to refuse your unopened parcels, we can give it to the carrier free of charge. However, the normal receiving fee will be deducted as the parcel needs to be checked out of the system. In addition, if your the parcel is not in ready to ship state or requires the printing of shipping label, the service fee is $5 per parcel.

Alternative pickup person

If your parcel is placed in the automated parcel locker, you can give the 6-digit code to your family or friends, so they can pick up the parcel for you 24/7 daily, 365 days a year. If your parcel is not in the automated parcel locker (e.g. oversize or missing customer ID), only you and people on your authorized list can pick up the parcel with a picture ID during staffed hours.

Letter Mail

It is against our company policy to use your parcel account for as mailbox address, such as credit card or bank account. If you wish to use our address for credit card or bank address, please sign up for a mailbox. Credit/bank letter mail will not be released until a customer has a valid mailbox account.

Parcels more than 30 days (overdue)

If you have only one parcel or letter and it is not picked up after 30 days, it will be disposed. If you have multiple parcels, the overdue parcels will be left in the system, and the storage fee for any overdue parcels will continue to incur. However, we reserve the right to check out any overdue parcels as part of the system maintenance. There will be a $5 service fee to search and retrieve your parcels/letters that have been in our store for more than 30 days.

Prohibited goods and restricted parcel

NO SERVICE shall be rendered by 24/7 PARCEL for any receipt of parcel that is considered hazardous material, such as, but not limited to, asbestos, or prohibited by applicable law or regulation of any federal, state, provincial, or local government in the origin or destination country. It is your responsibility to ensure that a package sent to a 24/7 PARCEL does not violate any federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulations applicable to the shipment of the contents of that Package. Any packages that require proof of age, such as tobacco and alcohol, must be picked up in person with a valid photo ID to show proof of age. We further reserve the right to refuse packages that require refrigeration or are wet, leaking, or emit an odor of any kind.

No live animals or insects!


We do not accept C.O.D.'s.

Damaged packages

If the package is badly damaged and poses a risk to our staff, we will refuse the delivery, and it will go back to the sender. If the package is obviously broken, but does not pose a risk to our staff, we will usually accept it for you. We will ask the driver to make note of the condition when they deliver it, so you can decide whether you want to take the item home or not. You can contact the seller to explain to them the problem.


We do not provide third party insurance. You must arranged your own insurance for storing your packages at our facility. Valuable items should always be insured against loss or damage.