Form 1583

What is Post Office Form 1583?
It's a USPS form that grants permission to a Commerical Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA), i.e. 24/7 PARCEL, to receive mail or parcel on your behalf.

Is the form mandatory even if I only receive from UPS or FedEx?
Yes, the form is required for all 24/7 PARCEL locations as per USPS regulation. You only need to fill it out once.

What will happen if I dont' fill out form 1583
Parcels will be checked in on the shelf, and will not be released until form 1583 is filled out.

How do I fill out the form?
You can fill out the form when you pick up your first parcel during staffed hours (form available at the store). For your convenience, the form can be also found here (no notarization required): Blaine and Lynden. Please email the completed and signed form with your driver's license and passport to


How do I ship to 24/7 Parcel?
1. Sign up here
2. Ship the parcel using your name with our address and your customer ID.

How do I know when my package arrives?
An email will be sent to you immediately upon parcel check in. SMS text will be sent to you if your mobile number was entered in your account. Please do not phone to check on the status of your package. You may track your package from the place you purchase it from or wait for our Delivery Notification.

How do I claim my package?
You may use the 6 digit pin code to retrieve parcels in the locker or pick up oversize parcel during staffed hour.

Do I need to purchase credit before I can ship to your location?
No, but you will need to purchase credit when you come to pick up. You can do so online with a credit card or in the store with cash. If picking up after hours you will need to purchase credit ahead of time, otherwise the locker will not open for you.

How big of a parcel can I ship here?
As long as it's able to fit through the door (28”) wide and is under 100lbs, we can accept it.

Do you accept pallets?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept pallet shipments at this time.

I forgot to include my customer ID number or my name. Is that going to be a problem?
Customer ID number and matching account name must be on the parcels for proper handling and to prevent any delay during check-in. Please email us the full tracking number and your account number after the parcel has been delivered to our facility.

I am expecting a parcel, but I haven’t received notice from you yet?
First, please track your parcel and make sure it has been delivered to our facility. If a parcel is showing delivered and it has been more than 12 hours with no notice, please email us with the full tracking number.

What if the shipping carrier is showing that my parcel has been delivered but I haven’t received notice from you yet?
We receive hundreds of parcels a day and it takes some time to get all the parcels checked in. Please only pick up after you’ve received email confirmation from 24/7 Parcel. If a parcel is showing delivered and it has been more than 12 hours with no notice, please email us with the full tracking number. We can assist you research where the parcel may be, as it’s possible it could have been misdelivered by the carrier.

What item can I NOT send to 24/7 Parcel?
We do not accept live animals, deliveries of dangerous goods, flammable materials, refrigerated goods or goods that need special handling. Either US Customs and Border Protection or Canada Customs is welcomed to our premises for inspection at any time.


Is there someone there 24 hours a day?
No, there is not. Our staffed hours for all locations are here.

How big are your lockers?
We have a dozen different sizes of lockers. The largest locker measures 24" x 31" x 30", and the tallest locker measures 9" x 70" x 28". We try our best to fit all the large parcels in the locker, but may not always be able to do so due to large volume of parcels we receive.

What happens if a parcel is too big for the lockers?
If the parcel is oversized, we will check it in to the shelves in the back and the email notification will state that the parcel is oversized and needs to be picked up during staffed hours.

What happens when you fill up all the lockers?
If all the lockers were to be filled, we would then check the remaining small/medium parcels into a waiting queue. The waiting parcels will be checked in as the lockers become available.* 7 days free storage period won’t start until these parcels are allocated into a locker. If your parcels only fit in the large lockers, which we have only a handful, they will be placed on the shelf and the 7 day free storage period will start.

*It is up to the staff's discretion on the final placement of the parcel based on factors such as parcel dimension, customer's pickup history, locker availability, etc.

Can my friend pick up for me?
If they have the pickup pin code, they can pick it up 24/7. If the parcel is oversize, they must be added as authorized pick up person. When they come in, they’ll need to provide valid photo ID.

How long do I have to pick up my parcel?
30 days, after that parcels will be removed from locker and may be sold to cover storage fee.

How do I know which locker my parcel is in?
The locker number is not known until the pin code is entered into the terminal at the store. Once the pin code is entered, the screen will display the locker number and the locker will pop open automatically.

Can I refuse a parcel?
You can only refuse a parcel after you have receive the pickup email from us. Only then we will be able to check out the parcel and forward it to the carriers. The parcel receiving fee is not refundable.

Is 24/7 Parcel safe and secure?
Yes, we have a secured building located across the street from police station. The building is under 24 hour surveillance.


How do I pay?
You can pay online by signing into your 24/7 parcel account, or pay cash in person during staffed hours. No other method of online payment will be accepted, including PayPal money transfer.

What’s the fee after 7 days (or 14 days for VIP)?
The storage fee is $0.50 per day per parcel.

Does my credit expire?
No it will never expire.


How do I change my registered email address?
Please send an email from your registred email address with your new email address to

How do I find my customer ID?
Your customer ID is located in the welcome email that our server sent to you when you initially registered. If you can not find the welcome email, please send an email from your registred email address to

Does my account expire?
No it does not expire

Can I add other people to my account?
Yes, you can add family members from the same household to your account. Name on the account must match the CID#. Please get your friends to open up their own account since there’s currently no annual fee or set up fee.

It will cause delay and confusion if we receive a parcel’s CID# not matching the names on the account.

How many people can I add to my account?
Up to three people

How can I add people to my authorized list?
You can do by signing into My Account, and click "Authorized Pickup List". Authorized person can only pick up with valid ID, not to ship to the parcels using the account (different from people in your account).


Do you ship parcels out?
Only if the parcel has a prepaid label for UPS, USPS, or FedEx


Do you accept letter mail?
We have mailboxes for $11/month or $110/year (minimum six months). Letter Mail is defined as a First Class Mail meassuring less than 9" x 6" and containing only printed material weighing less than 150 grams.

VIP Program

What is the VIP program?
It is reward program for customers who ship more than 100 parcel in one year. Customers who qualify are automatically enrolled, and can enjoy 14-day free storage at all 24/7 PARCEL facilities. Membership is reviewed every January.

How do I sign up?
If you have recently joined 24/7 PARCEL and will ship more than 100 parcel a year, please email